Kitten Care

Congratulations on your new kitten! The staff at Devon Vet is excited to meet your newest friend and family member. Bringing a new kitten into your home is an exciting time, but it can also lead to many questions and concerns. Our team is dedicated to helping you and your kitten every step of the way, ensuring your kitten grows up healthy and strong.

At Devon Veterinary Hospital we love to pamper your pet! Our talented dog groomer, is both caring and has experience with dogs of all breeds, sizes, ages and personalities. By always using a gentle touch our highly experienced staff will ensure your dog feels at ease during their day at the spa. Your dog will go home feeling and looking their best.

Why Choose Devon Veterinary Hospital for Grooming?

  • We always use a gentle touch, making your dog’s comfort our top priority.
  • Our dog groomers and bathers are experienced with breed standards and can customize to your  preference.
  • As a small-scale grooming facility, your pet is guaranteed to receive the individualized attention they deserve.

Hydrosurge Bathing System

We now provide the Hydrosurge bathing system at no additional cost. While your pet enjoys the Hydrosurge’s unique hydro-therapeutic massage action, this state-of-the-art bathing system safely and easily breaks up oils, dirt, dander and loose hair caught in your dog’s coat. The Hydrosurge is gentle and relaxing for your dog and tough on dirt. This oxygen-infused bath will help your dog look and feel great!


Premium Bath:Oxygen-infused bath with shampoo & blow dryFull brush-outEar cleaningPedicureBow or Bandana Quick Bath:
Recommended for day of boarding departureBath and blow dryQuick brushing


Full Groom:Oxygen-infused bath with shampoo & blow dryFull brush-outFull body haircut and styleScissoring feet & pad shavingEar cleaning, hair removal (if needed)PedicureBow or Bandana Bath & Trim:Oxygen-infused bath with shampoo & blow dry
Full brush-out
Light trimming of the face and sanitary area
Scissoring feet & pad shaving
Ear cleaning, hair removal (if needed)
Bow or Bandana
Good Start Puppy Grooming:
Provide your puppy with a gentle introduction to grooming that they will actually enjoy! This is a great way to help your puppy become accustomed to grooming and bathing from a young age.Shampoo Bath & Blow Dry
Light face, feet and sanitary area trimming
Bandana or Bow

De-Shedding Treatment:


Does your dog seem to shed constantly? Are you looking for ways to reduce your pet’s shedding? Devon Vet offers de-shedding treatments using FURminator® products. This treatment is a great addition to any dog grooming or bathing appointment. Our gentle de-shedding treatment will promote healthier skin and a silky topcoat.

Additional Options:

  • Teeth brushing
  • Nail dremeling for shorter, smoother nails
  • Conditioning treatment
  • Anal gland expression

What to bring to your kitten’s first visit:

  • 15 Minutes Early: To help ensure your appointment can start on time, please arrive for your first kitten visit 15 minutes early. During this time you will be asked to complete our new patient form and we will enter your kitten’s records into their chart.
  • Vaccine & Medical Records: Please bring all vaccine or medical records provided by the breeder/shelter. This allows us to evaluate your kitten’s vaccine status and informs us of any prior care.
  • Fresh stool sample: It is not uncommon for young kittens to have intestinal parasites. Please bring a fresh stool sample for your kitten’s routine intestinal parasite screening.
  • Carrier: For your kitten’s safety please have them in a carrier.

What does your kitten’s first visit include?

  • Comprehensive physical exam: Our doctors will examine your kitten from head to toe. They will listen to your kitten’s heart & lungs, check their ears, eyes, abdomen, joints, coat, skin and tooth development.
  • FIV/FeLV test: It is important to test for FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus) and FeLV (Feline Leukemia). This is a blood test that is run in-house during your kitten’s first appointment. 
  • Vaccinations: Our doctors will work with you to create an appropriate vaccine schedule to meet the needs of your kitten’s anticipated lifestyle.
  • Flea/Tick & Heartworm Prevention: It is important to protect your kitten from dangerous parasites. At your kitten’s visit we will review prevention methods and send you home with your kitten’s first Heartworm, flea & tick preventatives.
  • Nutrition/Supplement Guidance: With so many food and supplement options available it’s important to know which ones will help to promote your kitten’s health and wellness. Our doctors will offer guidance to ensure your kitten receives the quality nutrition they need.
  • Questions: Bringing home a new kitten is exciting, but it’s also a big adjustment for the family. Our doctors will offer recommendations and will answer all of your questions.